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History of National Tooth Fairy Day:

1908: It’s a Year of birth of Tooth Fairy, the earliest reference to the Tooth Fairy appears in a “Chicago Daily Tribune” Household Hints column.

In the mid-1920s: Fairies were used for all sorts of health education from bath fairies to fresh air fairies to get kids to remember to eat their vegetables, wash behind their ears and get a good night’s rest. Like toothpaste today, that advertises fruity flavors and sparkles to get kids excited to brush their teeth.

1925: It was more difficult considering the pastes were mostly peroxide and baking soda. advertisement was for a Fairy Wand Tooth Whitener. This product promised to brush away cigarette and coffee stains. The ad was aimed at both children and adults, we hope!

1927: “Esther Watkins Arnold” wrote a story in an eight-page playlet. She named the playlet The Tooth Fairy.
At the same time, “Sir Arthur Conan Doyle” published photographs of two girls surrounded by verified fairies. He proved his claim that fairies and gnomes are real and verified with pictures of two little girls surrounded by fairies.

1928: Arnold’s play began to be performed in schools the, and the tooth fairy has been slipping into homes ever since. Where Children, primed with vivid imaginations, placed their freshly lost teeth under their pillows at night. And they anticipation of a visit from the tooth fairy to leave nickels and dimes under the pillows of sleeping children.

1942: “Bob Balfe” wrote in the Palm Beach Post about the tooth fairy. He gave his children War Stamps to put in their books when the lost a tooth. This alternative became popular during a time when giving to the war effort was a motivating factor.

Why the Tooth Fairy Collects Teeth?

When kids lose a wiggly tooth, one of our Tooth Fairies collects them to place in the sky to light up the night. It’s a contest for each Tooth Fairy to collect the shiniest, healthiest tooth, which is one of the reasons we all take dental health so seriously.

In fact, there’s no better way to help us celebrate our day than to teach your kids about good Dental Hygiene and how to take great care of their teeth. Start by helping your kids learn how to brush their teeth properly twice a day.

At snack time, offer them something nutritious & tasty. Also, stay on top of their overall dental hygiene by making sure to Schedule a Visit to Bloomfield Dental Center twice every year.

By doing these simple things, your child will learn the habits necessary for a healthy smile that lasts a lifetime. And, that’s really something to celebrate every day of the year, not just on this Day.

National Tooth Fairy Day | Bloomfield Dental Center

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Is This Day Important?

Off course, it’s also a fun day to celebrate, especially if you have smaller children in your family. It’s not just a good lesson for the kids, but also for you! Kids love the excitement of waking up to a gift from a fairy in exchange for a lost tooth. It’s a fun myth, who wouldn’t like it!? It’s just as fun for the parents and adults also.

Everyone in the world will love a good story. Fairies are familiar with myths and legends in some parts of the world, and they have fascinated us for centuries.

Here are some points that explain, why we love this day:

Excitement in children: The mystery and magic captivate kids and adults alike. It’s fun to tap into the kid in us and listen to these magical stories and believe these myths.

Children love the excitement of waking up to a gift from a fairy in exchange for a lost tooth. It’s a fun myth for parents as well as children. Participating in the fun and watching the pure joy little kids exude is wonderful. The fun for both parents and children is akin to waiting for Santa Claus at Christmas and we all love it!

It makes losing a tooth less painful: Losing a tooth is scary one when you are a little kid, but when you know losing tooth means waking up to some money or a small gift, it seems worth it. The idea of the Tooth Fairy encourages kids to cope with what could be a scary experience for them and a difficult one for parents.

Some Ideas for Celebrating:

It’s important to raise awareness and “celebrate” this day with your kids. Explain to them about the importance of having healthy teeth and taking care of them by eating healthy food and cutting down on sugar. To make it more fun for them, here are a few things that everyone will enjoy:

Making Healthy Snacks: Fresh vegetable sticks with hummus and sour cream dips it will be great for this day.

Take Care of Your Teeth! This is something most of us should do every day but sometimes we slack off. you could spend the day focusing on the health of your teeth by going to the dentist or rededicating yourself to daily proper teeth care.

Watch a Tooth Movie: Need a good themed movie? Try “Tooth Fairy” movie and its sequel or “Rise of the Guardians“! both great for the whole family. They both feature your favorite flying tooth collector and have plenty chuckle worthy moments.

Read a Book About Fairy Tales: There are various books available related to the tooth fairy and Dental Care. Read them with your children or an important kid in your life. If your children are smaller, they will enjoy a story about the adventures of the tooth fairy.

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