Dentist’s Day is an annual professional holiday celebrated on March 6. It is the perfect occasion to express your appreciation and gratitude to the people who help you keep your tooth healthy.

National Tooth Fairy Day | Bloomfield Dental Center


When kids lose a wiggly tooth, one of our Tooth Fairies collects them to place in the sky to light up the night. It’s a contest for each Tooth Fairy to collect the shiniest, healthiest tooth, which is one of the reasons we all take dental health so seriously.
In fact, there’s no better way to help us celebrate our day than to teach your kids about good Dental Hygiene and how to take great care of their teeth. Start by helping your kids learn how to brush their teeth properly twice a day.

National Dental Smile Month | Bloomfield Dental Center

National Dental Smile Month

Happy National Smile Month! WHAT IS NATIONAL SMILE MONTH? National Smile Month is one of the largest Oral Health campaigns that is run nationwide, and it is not just about education and stressing the importance of a healthy mouth. This campaign is aimed to educate individuals about developing and maintaining optimal dental hygiene practices and...