Single-Tooth Dental Implants
Have you heard of dental implants?

I’m sure you have seen commercials, ads online and even banners on the road advertising dental implants with a photo of a big bright shining smile. If you are anything like me, you probably thought that dental implants are simply a cosmetic procedure to enhance your physical appearance and show off to your friends. But, did you know that the physical appearance is just the cherry on top? The health benefits to restoring a missing tooth or teeth are countless.

For example:

You lost a tooth playing basketball. It is not very visible when you smile so you ignore it. After some time, the remaining teeth around the missing tooth might move due to the gap between them. That may cause the bite to collapse. which is difficult and costly to correct later. In this case, dental implants, would have been ideal to prevent this issue from rising in the first place. Not to mention, much more cost effective compared to ignoring the issue and having to deal with a much bigger problem later. That is why missing teeth should ALWAYS be replaced. At Bloomfield Dental Center, we have the best doctors with more than 25 years’ experience in dental implants in Orange county and LA county.

Dental Implants are a way of replacing lost teeth made to act, feel, and function as organic, natural teeth as they are fixed and rooted in the jaw bone. Implants can be used to replace a single tooth or to replace several teeth to hold a bridge; Also, it can be used to secure partial and full dentures. They can replace teeth lost to disease or teeth being knocked down as a result of an injury; commonly seen in contact sports. Call us today to make an appointment at 562-926-6502.

Due to the nature of this procedure, the dentist should take a complete medical and dental evaluation before developing a plan for the procedure. This is to ensure that the patient is in good health, and that there is nothing that would make this surgery inadvisable. Bloomfield dental center uses the latest technologies to diagnose and evaluate the implants procedures for all our patience’s to insure the best results.

Our implants evaluations technologies include but are not limited to:

taking X-rays, reviewing the patient’s medical history, reviewing any medications the patient is currently taking, and taking blood pressure. Implants also affect the way you eat. Traditional dentures tend to slide around and shift with time, making eating sometimes difficult or uncomfortable. But since implants act and feel like natural teeth as I mentioned, they also act and feel like natural teeth when you’re eating! so you can bite through that apple with confidence.

At Bloomfield Dental Center, we use the latest and most advanced technologies and techniques to insure all our patients have the best treatment possible, because as we always say at Bloomfield Dental Center, “You deserve healthy teeth, and a winning smile”.

Bloomfield Dental Center have been servicing Orange County and LA County Over 25 years. Call us to today to make an appointment at 562-926-6502 or to get more information regarding our implant’s procedure.