How accurate and fast is our Dental Implants

How accurate and fast is our Dental Implants | Dental Implants Dentist in Cerritos

Dental Implants are designed to look, feel, and function like your natural teeth. In addition, implants give patients the confidence to smile, eat and engage in social activities without worrying about how they look or if their dentures will fall out.

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Missing teeth not only affect your appearance. They can also impact your ability to eat and speak properly. If missing teeth are left untreated, you may suffer bone degeneration and further tooth loss. Dental implants at Redlands Family Dentistry can replace your missing teeth with permanent, stable restorations. Dr. Ihaab Guerguis will surgically place these titanium implants into the planned missing tooth area and once healed they can support a crown, bridge, or complete denture. He uses the latest technology to ensure lifelike and highly durable results. To find out if you are a candidate for implants, contact our office today.


Dental implants preserve natural tooth tissue by avoiding the need to cut down adjacent teeth for conventional bridgework. They also will preserve bone and significantly reduce bone resorption and deterioration that results in loss of jawbone height. Dental implants also help restore your jawbone structure because they reduce the load on the remaining oral structures/teeth and preserve natural tooth tissue and reduce bone resorption and deterioration that results in loss of jawbone height.


Same-day dental implants are a bit different from traditional dental implants. Traditional dental implants have few critical stages and take normally 6 to 18 months to complete including the recovery of the patient. However, same-day dental implants are easier than the traditional ones and a patient gets relief quickly.


Instead of critical surgery, doctors do these implants just with local anesthesia and mild medication like Ibuprofen, and the patient does not have tremendous pain and other irritations. The traditional implants have such problems. So day by day, the popularity of this type of teeth implant is increasing.

How To Choose The Proper Color?

Essentially, the color of your dental implant crown ought to be actually derived from the pearly whites promptly surrounding the void. Different factors to consider feature your skin tone, hair color, as well as also your eyeshade.

Numerous dental professionals suggest individuals looking at dental implants possess their organic pearly whites lightened just before selecting the implanted color, either to the brightest they can easily be actually or even to the degree of purity you prefer. The dental implants could be actually produced to match that color scheme, instead of in comparison to vivid white-colored, which will definitely produce the implant visible. It is much better however to have the original teeth whitened before choosing the color.

There is no reason to let missing teeth affect your health and self-confidence.

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