Is your Dentist Old-School?

Is your Dentist Old-School?
Having a doctor still using old school technology is good for an extent, it is good that you trust him for his experience. But if his dental office is not utilizing cutting edge tools and equipment that are up to date with all the dentistry technology, then be that you are wasting time and money.
Here are some tips to know if your dentist is a modern dentistry or not, the dental office should ask you about dentist history and the dentist should ask you if you have done x-rays in the past 6 months, because getting another one soon is adding unnecessary radiation exposure with no benefits.
Digital X-rays allowing the dentist to diagnose cavities that couldn’t be detected on the traditional X-rays (Film Radiography). Even though each one has its benefits.
The benefits of digital X-rays:
– Can make edit on the digital image (such as alter contrast and brightness).
– Can view the image immediately, but the film takes time to be viewed.
– Can archive the digital images on a computer.
Traditional X-rays
– Can get an excellent picture quality.
– With the traditional X-rays (Film Radiography), its less thick and rigid than digital sensors, thus offering the patient better comfort when the X-ray sensors go into their mouth.
Being careful about germs, for sure you don’t want your dentist to adjust the light, move his chair or tap on at the keyboard without changing his gloves first.

At Bloomfield Dental Center we make sure that you will know the difference between the old school dental office and the modern one. With Bloomfield Dental Center will make It fun to go to a dentist.

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