What is National Dentist’s Day?

National Dentist’s Day on March 6th sets aside a day each year for us to say, “Thank you” to the person who keeps our pearly whites in tip-top order every 6 months.

Dentist’s Day is an annual professional holiday celebrated on March 6. It is the perfect occasion to express your appreciation and gratitude to the people who help you keep your tooth healthy.

National Dentist’s Day was created to show appreciation for the 200,000+ thousand dentists in the United States. It is also an important holiday to raise awareness of the importance of dental hygiene.

Why We Celebrate?

A dentist does an extremely important job. Have you ever had any tooth pain or discomfort, or oral health issues? If you have, you probably know just how painful they can be and how all you want is for the pain to go away.

Any time you have tooth pain or discomfort, you just want the pain to go away! Your dentist helps you in these situations to relieve any pain or issues you may be having.

Dentists are also there for you when things aren’t quite so bad. Your dentist helps to make sure your teeth are healthy and when you’re young they ensure they are growing properly.

They also make sure your teeth are healthy from the time you get your first tooth and on to the rest of your life. Don’t you think they deserve a bit of a commendation?

How Can We Celebrate This Day?

Here are a few ways to celebrate your favorite oral health professional:

  • Send your dentist an email with a thoughtful thank you message.
  • If you haven’t been to see your dentist in a while, use this day to make an appointment with them.
  • Share thanks for your dentist on your social media accounts like Post a note using #ThankYouDentist on your favorite dentist’s or dental office’s Facebook page to show them all the love!
  • Thank your dentist by sending them a thank you note or maybe some home-baked goods
  • Send your dentist an email with a thoughtful thank you message.
  • Refer your friends or family to your dentist.
  • Schedule a preventive care visit! Dentists love to see us, even when nothing feels bad or wrong in our mouths. And they work to keep it that way with regular visits.

The History of Dentist’s Day:

We couldn’t find where Dentist’s Day came from, but it’s clear why this profession deserves a day of observance.

We think that the date of March 6 was chosen because presumably on this day in 1790, American dentist John Greenwood, who served as George Washington’s personal dentist, invented the first known dental foot engine.

Also, the world’s first dental school was opened by Dr. John M. Harris in Bainbridge, Ohio, on February 21, 1828.

In the meantime, talk to us about how you can perk up your smile. An attractive smile is much easier to share with the world.
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