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Celebrating National Dentist’s Day!

When is a National Dentist’s Day?

National Dentist’s Day is observed annually every March 6, and is a day set aside to remind us to say, “Thank You” and show appreciation to your dentist.
The day is also a day to remind everyone about the importance of regular dental checkups, and to encourage proper dental care.


What Is a National Dentist Day?

If your Dentist is such an important person, then why are we so scared of the next dental visit? Is it perhaps the fear of discovering a cavity? Maybe, he will find the beginnings of gum disease? The fear of the dentist ranks right up there with the fear of pulling teeth!

Dentist’s Day is a day to display a big, toothy smile. After all, your Dentist plays a role in that big, bright smile. He’s an important person in keeping your smile bright, and your teeth and mouth healthy.

We’re thankful not only for our dentists, but also our Dentist Providers, who help us educate parents about the unique opportunity of dental stem cell banking.


History of National Dentist Day:

It is one of the oldest medical professions that date back to 7000 B.C. with the Indus Valley Civilization. But until 5000 B.C.
description related to dentistry and tooth decay was not available.

In fact, the first dentist in recorded history was an Egyptian named Hesy Ra, who is thought to have lived and practiced his dentistry in Egypt around 2600 BCE.
However, the French surgeon Pierre Fuachard, known as the “Father of Modern Dentistry” didn’t appear until 1723.

National Dentist Day | Bloomfield Dental Center

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Gifts to give your Dentist:

Here are some gifts that you can give it to your Dentist in National Dentist’s Day:

– Thank You card.
– Flowers.
– Colorful teeth printable poster.
– Tooth Key-chain.
– Tooth soap.
– Gift Card.

How can we celebrate this day?

Here are some great ways to celebrate National Dentist’s Day:

– Giving your dentist a big “Thank You!”
– You can give gifts to your dentist like a molar mug, colorful teeth printable poster, Thank you card, fresh flowers, a box of goodies, a book, etc.
– For all social posts, use the official hashtags #DentistsDay or #NationalDentistsDay.
– Keeping your teeth clean and healthy will show appreciation for your dentist.
– Making a dental appointment, if you haven’t been there in a while.
– Give your dentist a break by giving them a simple job at your next checkup.
– Taking good care of your teeth is a gift to yourself as well! If you want healthy teeth, it starts with making sure they are always clean.
– Raise awareness (teach your child a new tooth-brushing song, encourage family and friends to visit their dentist)
– Start using dental floss daily.
– Brush at least two minutes to twice a day.
– Big Smile! Showing off your great smile.