Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Cerritos Dentist | Dental Center Orange County | Wisdom Teeth Removal
Cerritos Dentist | Dental Center Orange County | Wisdom Teeth Removal

Is it necessary to remove the wisdom teeth?
Wisdom teeth generally come in between the ages of 17 and 25. Which people call it the adulthood. Wisdom teeth is the most frequently removed teeth.
For some people the wisdom teeth come fine and for others don’t come fine and may cause problems can cause cavities, damage to neighboring teeth, and gum disease, pain and a bad taste in the mouth. Some cases it prevents the other teeth to grow normally because it takes a space. at this case its recommended to be removed.
Other reason to remove wisdom teeth is:
If your wisdom teeth are impacted. This usually happens when a tooth stuck against another one or a bone. If it is not hurting and you don’t feel that its bothering you, your dentist may recommend leaving it, otherwise an oral surgeon will be needed to remove it.

How to recover from wisdom teeth extraction?
Its normal to experience pain and swelling after wisdom teeth removal.
During the 24 hours, your dentist will recommend you avoid brushing, flossing and rinsing.
In your first week you should avoid eating crunchy or solid food, alcohol, coffee, soda or hot beverages. Specially after few days of the procedure.
How badly the wisdom teeth were impacted and how they were erupting, determine the length of recovery.
The recovery period can take several days but after that you may still feel swelling and discomfort for a week or more.

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